Full Day of Eating for Losing Fat and Getting Shredded

Hey whats up guys so ive been asked alot, whats a full day of eating look like for me. So ive just prep, im 12 weeks or so out of the South Korea Pro sow and i thought id show you what that looks like.

Check out the video below to see everything i eat in a day to get in shape for a show.

If you wanted to see my current plan written out simply, then keep reading.

Training Day

Meal One

60g Vintage Brawn Whey

80g Oats

Handful of Mixed Berries

50g Banana

150g Probiotic Yoghurt

Meal Two

5 Whole Eggs

2 Slices Wholemeal Toast

Meal Three

200g Ribeye Steak

200g Basmati Rice


Meal Four

200g Chicken Breast

200g Basmati Rice


Meal Five

200g Chicken Breast

150g Basmati Rice


Meal Six

10 Egg Whites


Thats it dudes, and for my non training day its the same except i do away with carbs from my last 3 meals and i swap steak for salmon. Real simple, but for me it works.

Peace and Love

Jon Lofthouse


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