Yo what's up guys 👊


Sometimes, time can be a struggle for us, work/social life can get in the way aswell as family obligations. Most trainers would say things like..


‘Make time’ or ‘just start your day earlier’ another personal favourite ‘if you wanted it that bad you’d just do it’ ❌ 


Really this solves nothing, for me it was work. I was stricken to around 45 mins of training on weekdays due to a long commute into the city 🚄 so here was my solution which was 2 fold:


1) Place big, demanding body parts, like back/legs on the weekends as i had most time here and I was mentally more fresh to train.


2)The ‘Rest Pause’ method, not something I invented, but something I adopted, that I want to share with you guys so that you can adopt the very same method that allowed me to get all the work I needed to get done within a limited time frame and more importantly… Get results. 


I found that this method was not just great for time, but created so much intensity 🤯 that even to this day where time is no problem for me, it's still something I do very often. 



The video above demos how to use the Rest Pause method, watch it and implement it today/this week into your training at least ONCE per session. Once you have read this post and watched the video comment Done. 


✅ TOP TIP: The rest pause method is best used as your final working set on any given exercise you would like to use it on. Here’s an example:


Incline Barbell Press

Warm up 1 - 10-15 reps

Warm up 2 - 8-10 reps

Warm up 3 - 6-8 reps

Working set - Rest Pause for 15-20 reps


Then move on to your next exercise, I would use it for your main compound movements mostly, but don’t be afraid to experiment 👍